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Brooklyn Probate Attorney

Brooklyn Probate Attorney

The Brooklyn Probate Process and the Brooklyn Probate Attorney

You need a Brooklyn Probate Attorney and here’s the reason. After you’ve gone over to the other side, your estate will have to be evaluated; your estate bills, debts and taxes paid, and the assets of the estate distributed to your beneficiaries. These and others, are issues which your surviving loved ones will have to think about when you’re gone, and quite frankly, you’d want their best interests at heart. You’d want your hard-earned assets to benefit your cherished family in the best possible way and therefore, there are things you should consider as you grow older and when writing your will. A Brooklyn Probate Attorney can assist and represent your interest. Contact today.

Probate is the legal process whereby your last Will be verified in a court of law, before your assets will be distributed according to the will. Depending on some factors — such as the state laws binding your locality — the probate process can be quite complex and demanding. So long you live or own estates in Brooklyn, your will could be rendered invalid if it goes against the probate laws of Brooklyn. This is similar to leaving your family without writing a will and in both cases, your estate will then have to be administered and distributed according to the intestate laws binding Brooklyn. As you apparently have noticed, these matters are very delicate and as such, you need to hire a Brooklyn Probate Attorney to render you legal assistance in writing your will according to Brooklyn laws. Or are you the executor declared by a decedent in his last will? Then you need to contact a Brooklyn Probate Attorney quickly, to guide you through the probate process and administration of the estate which has automatically become your responsibility.

The Brooklyn Probate Attorney is a professional Attorney highly trained and skilled in handling probate matters in Brooklyn. He, with his diligence as well as professionalism, will handle your estate matters, will, and distribution of your assets. He handles and protects the interests of the beneficiaries with empathy, giving legal advice and guiding against costly mistakes during the probate process.

Services offered by the Brooklyn Probate Attorney

Estate evaluation

The executor of the will has the responsibility of initiating the probate process. To do this, he first must collect inventory and appraise all the assets. This is important as each and every asset must be accounted for, and the monetary worth of the estate established. Out of these assets, bills, taxes and debts will have to be paid before the remnant is distributed to every beneficiary. If the value of the estate doesn’t suffice to be shared according to the will, then the beneficiaries wouldn’t get what the decedent intended them to have. As an executor, you should kindly contact the esteemed service of a Brooklyn Probate Attorney to help you through this ordeal.

Consequences of not having a will

The state laws binding Brooklyn make allowance for probate procedures in the absence of a valid Last Will. In this case, the estate is declared intestate and the surviving spouse and children (or closest relative in the absence of an immediate family) become the legal beneficiaries. However, the proportion for distribution may not be as you would have desired, therefore you should have a Brooklyn Probate Attorney draft a valid Will for you in accordance with the state Laws which bind Brooklyn.

  • Other areas where the Brooklyn Probate Attorney would get involved are in:
    • Writing of wills,
    • Settling of estate debts,
    • Kinship Hearings,
    • Distribution of assets to beneficiaries,
  • and so much more.

The Brooklyn Probate Attorney will help you guide against actions that would put you or your family in precarious positions. With his expertise and experience, he will help you sail the tough sea of the probate process, ensuring that your best interests are protected.

For solutions to all your probate issues, hurry now and contact a competent Brooklyn Probate Attorney today!

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